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But what about Indonesia ?

What can we find over there ? Who is it for ?


Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia and is known as the world’s largest archipelago.

Sable d'Indonésie

With more than 17 000 islands, it covers more than 5 000 km (for example the same distance as Paris-New York) and has a surface of more than 2 million km²... You can now understand that opportunities are huge !

Danceuses de Flores

Due to its size, its tropical climate and location (cut by the Wallace line), Indonesia has the second highest biodiversity rate in the world. Whether you are on land or under water you will discover one of the world’s most important botanical and zoological parks !

More facts ? With a population of approximately 240 million people and 583 identified dialects, the traveler who wants to discover new cultures will also be more than happy !
Culture, nature, sport and relaxation… As a couple, a family or with friends… With or without comfort… Indonesia is a unique destination as it can fit to all kind of customers. That is why it is so important to have a local partner who you trust and who will be able to support you !


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