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« Sulawesi », new land of adventure !



Also known as Celebes island, it is the twelfth largest island in the world, but only 7% of the Indonesian population live there...

Destination “nature” then ?

Not only ! Because it is also on this island that you can meet the Toraja people still rooted in unique traditions, for example. So, you can purpose Sulawesi as a cultural destination, but it is important to note that hotels are not as developed as Bali or Java, and journey times can be quite long. The "cultural shock" is as striking as in the villages of central Flores for example, but comfort is still a higher level.

Let's talk about Tana Toraja: what can you see ?

The Toraja culture is best known for its very special funeral rites, as sacrifices of buffaloes and pigs, tombs hanging on the cliffs, stillborn babies get buried in trees, sculpture of wooden funeral effigies... These visits and the sight of blood is not everyone's cup of tea. Your role is really important when you introduce this destination to your customers. But visitors who are able to open their mind to different ways of thinking and beliefs, will be delighted to meet this so particular people, with their amazing architecture, in a magnificent scenery.

How to propose Sulawesi in this case ?

Non-blacklisted airline, Garuda Indonesia, dessert Ujang Padang (Makassar), in the south, and Manado, in the North. This allows to purpose Sulawesi for a few days, but in this case, it will be limited to Tana Toraja and to Minahasa peninsula, between Manado and Tangkoko. Be advise that while Tana Toraja is considered as cultural holiday, focused on the discovery of the rites of the people, the North part is reserved to divers and people interested in natural treasures !

What about a whole stay ?

Also possible ! Because the island is full of small treasures that deserve to dwell, and yet are not easily accessible, such as Togean Islands !

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