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Lombok, Gilis : The new destinations



Located at the east of Bali, Lombok starts shortly to become more popular. But it is still hard to get an idea of what to expect there. Same for the Gilis, equally appreciated as criticized.

And so... ?

Near from Bali (about 1h30 by speedboat) and yet so different, Lombok is predominantly Muslim. When Bali is nicknamed as the « Island with 10 000 temples » Lombok can be described as the « Island of 10 000 mosques ».

There is a lot to discover ! Architecture and crafts of Sasak culture, Mount Rinjani - one of the summits of Indonesia (3726 meters) and for some, a must-do-, and fans of surfing and relaxing will be delighted in Kuta Beach Lombok (to not mistake with Kuta Lombok) !

However, it is not always easy to find the necessarily information : the island just starts to open up for tourism but it still does not really know how to use its resources. It is a big island and the roads are not always of good quality. Luckily the new airport offers great transfer facilities to travel from island to island.

Lombok can be recommended to open minded and adventurous clients, those who come with fixed ideas might get disappointed.

And the Gilis ?

For those who dream of tropical islands with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, we recommend the Gilis ! The Gilis are the small islands around Lombok.

The most popular ones are located in the north and are named Trawangan, Meno and Air. It is easy to reach them from Bali, Lembongan and Lombok. Trawangan is the most famous amongst tourists especially by younger people, Air is ideal for families and Meno still quite remote. No cars or motorbikes, even no dogs ! Within 1 or 2 hours you can walk around the whole island... So, they are really THE destination to chill ! But still you can find here great scuba diving and good surfing.

Day trip can be arranged to go to the Gilis of the South (Nanggu, Gede...). These islands are even smaller but this is a good option for those who stay in the south of Lombok.

How do we do this ?

Lombok is an interesting destination for those who love hiking and / or those who are looking for an experience with other cultures. The island offers alsochallenges for those who wish to experience the height of the mountain or the depth of the ocean. That is why we purpose short stays of a few days departing from Bali. If your guests want to enjoy beaches, we organize daytrips or transfer to the northern Gilis. For beach lovers we provide dirct transfer from Bali to the northern Gilis.

Be aware : Pregnant women and people with heart diseases are not allowed to use the speedboat. In these cases we will organize a flight which will fit in their program.

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