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« Java », an exotic name, faraway, mysterious...



Many people have heard of the island of Java but just a few went there. And yet there is so much to do and see...

It is one of the largest islands of Indonesia and, most importantly, home of Jakarta : Indonesia’s capital city. But even without all these superlatives, Java is the place that best represents Indonesia’s history : migration, colonization and invasions are reminded on its monuments and arts. These blends unspoiled and integrated, make an island with an endless cultural richness, and because Java is an economic hub, there is a relatively well developed transport system.

But in concrete terms...

Jakarta has the advantages and disadvantages of a major city : museums, concerts, community areas… You can not be bothered ! But unfortunately it is also chaotic and heavily polluted. Despite this, Jakarta is the most common international gateway to the island.
But there is still nature left on Java ! Take a look at the Bogor Botanical Gardens and the tea plantations around the Puncak Pass, see the magical sunrise on Mount Bromo and discover the different colors of sulphurous Ijen Volcano. It is also on East Java, that you can find the largest craft and cultural center of the island : Yogyakarta, also called "Jodjakarta" and affectionately "Jodja". Discover printing techniques of batik, handwork of puppeteers... These arts are very important on the island since they are a part of the Javanese identity.
Like we have explained Java is an island of mixtures. Even though the majority of the people are Muslim you will find beautiful Hindu temples and the famous Buddhist temple of Borobudur.

Perfect ! So how we offer this to our clients ?

Java is located west of Bali. As you may have noticed, the island is worth a visit of ten days but it can also be combined with a stay on Bali (usually seaside). There are numerous flights between the two islands but visitors can also use the ferry, which will take about 30 min.

Java can also be purposed as an extension or short stay : for example, 3 days / 2 nights in Yogyakarta to visit the city and the main temples (including Borobudur). Another good option is to organize the climb of Ijen from Bali.

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