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The name of « Flores » does not really ring a bell for most of your clients ...



But mostly not « Komodo », well known for the « Dragon » ! Well here we are, as the Komodo archipelago lies west of Flores. The island of Flores is located east of Bali and Lombok.

But what do we find there ?

Something unique and stunning ! A traditional culture, a lush green scenery, remote villages where you will be welcomed with music… Like Toraja in Sulawesi the culture is still unspoiled and the traditional houses are now protected. About Komodo, the feeling of immensity when arriving by boat is so amazing ! The underwater world is wonderful and even an inexperienced person can enjoy it thanks to snorkel and mask. Who gives time to Flores offers to himself sweet memories and unforgettable moments, but again, don’t get fooled by the number of kilometers !

Ok, great ! Everybody in Flores, so ?

Although its fame, it is a destination that offers just a little upscale hotel facilities. The quality of roads can be poor and some villages can only be reached by foot. The telephone network is limited ; the internet connection is not steady.

The island of Flores and Komodo archipelago are therefore aimed for clients who don’t need a lot of comfort. But the reward is great, even unforgettable ! Don’t worry though : transfers will be arranged by air-conditioned cars and all the nights will be spent in proper buildings !

It is possible to cross Flores east to west (or vice versa of course) - in this case, you will need at least 8 days - or just the highlights : Komodo island, Kelimutu (the volcano with 3 crater lakes of varying colors), the "17 islands" park (Riung) and one of the villages of Central Flores.

How about the safety ?

It is recommended to take malaria tablets and, of course, to be up to date about the health and safety issues. For more details you can have a look to World Health Organization website : www.who.int . Notice that there is limited equipment throughout Flores to treat serious accidents or diseases. We don’t recommend Flores to people with serious health issues and/or young children.

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