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« Bali », most well known... so touristic ! Are you sure ?



Bali can offer so much more than what you can see on postcards...

Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida are three islands located just a few kilometers off the southeastern coast of Bali. They are reachable by speedboat departing from Sanur and small other ports on the southeastern coast. They each offer relaxing places, beautiful beaches and clear waters !

Bali, « the island of the Gods »... of tourism !

Of course the southern part of the island is now dominated by tourism. Though there are must-sees : the beach of Jimbaran to have a dinner of fresh fish or seafood while watching the stunning sunset, the temple of Uluwatu for its superb panoramic view and the cliff of Blue Point to admire the surfers. These are simply pure holiday moments that every hard working person will appreciate

It is also there that you will find the endless stretches of golden sand beaches to stroll, to rest or even try to surf !

You will discover the serenity of Bali that you not expect when you left the airport...

You will escape from daily life, surrounded by colorful landscapes, delicious smells and unknown intense religious. Rice paddy fields in the center, volcanoes and temples all around the island and dive and snorkelling spots are countless. You can visit Bali and discover its temples, volcanoes, passing through paddy fields.

You can experience Bali by making offering in villages of Sidemen valley, join a ceremony in the underground temple of Nusa Penida and swim with manta rays near Ceningan...

Lembongan, Ceningan, Penida ? Never heard of it ! So is it worth visiting ?

Certainly ! These are the three little sisters of the great island Bali. Although they look very different they are members of the same family. Mostly Hindu as well, you will find temples, ceremonies and offerings, but unlike Bali, where this practice is discouraged, why not rent a scooter to discover the mangrove of Lembongan, drive along the cliff in Ceningan and reach some natural beauties in Penida ? This last one, the largest of the three, is full of hidden treasures ! Natural swimming pools, waterfalls and deserted beaches... It is the perfect place to experience the adventure and freedom that some will miss in Bali.

So, you still love Bali, don't you ?

As you understand we, in Lotus Blanc, have a special relationship with Bali ! Our founder is still living in the valley of Sidemen, where we organize meetings with people from the neighboring villages. These four islands have so much to offer that you need to take time to visit them. In our opinion this trip is ideal for a first visit to Indonesia. This is a good introduction of the variety the country has to offer.Variety that you will also chek by sports ! Climb the volcanoes, go rafting, canyoning, hiking or diving... Everyone can find something for itself !

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