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Your DMC in Indonesia since 1987

About us


Not so easy to manage to take a picture with the whole team, so this the hard core of the Denpasar office, but we do not forget guides, drivers and occasional helps yet so precious, who share the care of satisfy your customers.

I.G.A Widiari Indira, General Manager

More simply called Ibu Indira, she holds together the different missions of Tunjung Petak. In business for years, its legitimacy and knowledge allows us good partnerships with local actors, but also to optimize the complementarity within our team.

Aurélie Delaunay, Overseas Market Manager

Principal intermediary of agencies, she organizes the programs for the guests and dealing with them on site. To be able to purpose the most tailor-made answer and advice you, she often travels and visits hotels around Indonesia.

Ni Ketut Wiratini, Accounting

The star of the team ! All our partners have her autograph : she signs the bills !

G. N. Okayana, Ketut Setiasih, Founders

It is thanks to them that it all began. After a busy career, Bapak Oka returned to the village of his family, Sukahet Sari, east of Bali. He left to his daughter, Ibu Indira, care to perpetuate the agency Tunjung Petak, and focuses on our program of introduction to Balinese culture through Balicountryside.

Febrina and Sunardi, Ticketing and operationnal service

Availability, ticketing, vouchers... So much to do, but always with smile !

Hani Maharani, Balicountryside Manager

Balicountryside is the third field of Tunjung Petak. This is a park in Sidemen, changed in a meeting place between inhabitants of Sukahet Sari village, and foreigner guests. Thanks to this place, a stay in Bali is not only a series of amazing landscapes, it is also exchanges with Balinese people !