Your DMC in Indonesia since 1987

Welcome to the website of Lotus Blanc!

Or, as we say, Selamat Datang di Website Tunjung Petak !


Lotus Blanc is the DMC division of travel agency Tunjung Petak.

Based in Denpasar (Bali), Tunjung Petak and Lotus Blanc are founded in 1987, as the result of a friendship between Bapak Oka and Christian Vasselle, a Frenchman who was living in Bali.

Right from the start this meeting was our motto. A meeting between two men and two different cultures became the meeting between the French people and the island of Bali.

Now step by step, we are able to purpose the best of Indonesia to overseas countries.


Our multicultural team, local and European, share the same love for Indonesia. It’s an honor for us to introduce “our” country to your clients and a duty that this happens in the best setting !

This is how we support you in your sales process :

  • Depending on your market we can purpose tours which are windows of Indonesia.
  • We inform and assist you by improving your knowledge of the destination.
  • We organize tailor-made holidays, suited to customer requirements.
  • When a partnership is established you have access to our photos gallery to fill out your paper programs and websites.
  • We meet your clients during their stay in Indonesia and they will get the phone number of one of our employees in case of changes, problems or emergencies.
  • We assist the visitors on site who want to add activities or services.


To offer you the best : the best of Indonesia and the best of us !

Our knowledge of the different areas allows us to answer to guests requests, but also to be a support for new ideas.

Thanks to this, from thematic trips and special events such as weddings, to relax stays near beaches, we are your local partner to enjoy the largest archipelago in the world.


European travel agencies can contact our agent Aurélie Delaunay. Here is her contact :